To be or not to be was never really the question! Anxiety Insights: What Gets to Us and What Gets Us Through (9781732949454): Lentini, Lori Maney, Lentini, Dr. Nicole: Books

My Vanishing Family

Exactly a year ago today life was pretty good. Do you remember? I do.

Covid — 19 wasn’t really a thing yet, or at least I didn’t know it was. My parents were alive and a regular important, pretty much daily part of my life, I went out with friends on weekends, celebrated special occasions with loved ones, hosted a monthly book club, went to work, had a planned vacation to go to Europe and was finalizing the publication of my first book on living with anxiety titled, Anxiety Insight: What Gets To Us And What Get’s Us Through.

That was then, this is now.

Unanticipated fear of death has affected us all, actual unimaginable numbers of our loved ones have died (many alone), high anxiety is normal, suicide rates are up, our mental health and that of our children have been negatively affected potentially for ever, we are living in isolation, our freedoms have been lost, jobs have been lost, education has been lost, celebrating normal life milestones have been lost, visiting friends and family gone…..

The impact of all of this connects us in ways we don’t even understand yet. Each one of us has been affected and forever joined together in this experience. We each have our version and our own struggles we are coping with and working through. Which is why it is so important to come together and share our stories, our pain, our lessons and support each other during this difficult time. I fear this is far from over. Our mental health journey and living with anxiety has just begun. Our best weapon is compassion for each other.

For me, the last 12 months have been beyond what I can process or honestly handle. I am struggling with sadness, anger, blame, loss of a sense of self and purpose, anxiety, depression, negative emotions and eating and drinking too much. But I am trying and that is something.

In January of 2020, my strong, healthy, active eighty two year old dad fell in the early morning and we didn't find him on the floor until almost eight hours later. By then he was in shock, had a heart attack, was in kidney failure, was septic, had stroke and was in critical condition. It was long and loving journey as he fought to recover. He made tremendous progress at first. We brought him home on hospice, my sister and I moved into our childhood home with him and took leave from our jobs. We had time with dad to share memories, hugs and laughs. I was with him holding his hand when he took his last breathe on May 16, 2020.

You got this! We all have mental health. On your mark, get set, go.

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Lori Maney Lentini

Author of new book — ANXIETY INSIGHTS: What Gets to Us and What Gets Us Through; Available on Amazon. Mental health consultant, speaker, trainer and advocate.

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